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The job can make you angry, stress you out like you've never experienced and cause chaos in your life. It's not your fault, it's the culture of law enforcement. 
enter: a new kind of law enforcement family
This is the kind of family you thought you were gaining when you became a sheepdog. 
You don't lose yourself to the job.
You don't find yourself surrounded with people who don't care about you. 
You learn about yourself, transform negativity and love your life and the job together like you never thought you could.

You feel like you have no real life outside of the job.
That nobody gets you...
You don't even feel like a human anymore, it's like you don't even know who you are anymore.

You feel like you can barely breathe most of the time. The weight of the world is on your shoulders and everyone is looking at you to guide the way. 

Little does anyone know, you feel lost inside...
• Anxiety and worry runs you.
• You feel like you are on edge all of the time.
•You literally do not know how to relax.
• Dumb shit pisses you off bc have no tolerance for bullshit.
• On your days off you struggle with finding shit to do because you don't know what to do with yourself because have forgotten who you are without the job.
• You ask yourself why those fuckers you work with never warned you about feeling like this.
• More often then not you feel like you are the only one who feels this 
"fucked up"
I've been there, wondering how I was going to get through the next week, the next day, the next shift!
The more you try to be the best on duty, the worse things get at home. 
You simply feel like you can't win.
You try harder at work so that you can feel a sense of self-worth again... but that quickly backfires and turns into you feeling like you are even more lost when you are off duty.
You have lost focus, it seems. You work all the time because you need the money, you don't know what else to do with your time and because the truth is, you are addicted to the job. No one wants to admit this and I get it... because I was you.
You wonder if anyone else feels the way that you do...
You hate to admit it but you are starting to feel unhappy with the job that you once loved. And that is what is fucking your mind up the most. 
After I experienced a career ending injury
I was forced to do things differently. I could no longer keep doing what I was doing anymore. I had no choice but to focus on myself, listen to that inner voice that I had been suppressing for so long and do the things my soul had been screaming at me to do. The secrets I have discovered have changed not only my life dramatically, but intuitive sheepdogs all around the world's lives too!
I am now on a mission to change the culture for first responders,  save Sheepdog's lives and teach how to survive life off duty <3. 
About Autumn 
I lost myself completely to the job. I married a police officer so imagine what our lives were while I was full time on patrol? 
Nothing but police work. 
I was consumed.

Everything I did, I did it for the job. 
There came a point where I 100% did not even know who I was anymore. I remember being so incredibly angry with every person in my department, my supervisors and so on. I hated going to work, hated going home... I pretty much hated everything.
Then I had a career ending injury, talk about more loss! 
The doctors wanted me on antidepressants, my family wanted me in counseling (which I had done a few years prior AND I do recommend), I wanted ME back.
The traditional route didn't work for me.
Sitting on my couch with nothing else to do, I thought why not try something different!
I taught myself how to meditate.
I learned how to quiet my mind, shut my thoughts off and be still. 
I wrote in my notebook for hours and felt like I had just had some of the best therapy sessions of my life. I learned how to listen to my body, my intuition and my heart in ways I had NEVER experienced before. I discovered the power of visualization and positive self talk. I learned the power of my thoughts and how to change them to HELP me rather then hold me back. 
I literally became an ENTIRELY NEW person over the course of a couple of years of doing this work every single day. 
Imagine what it will feel like when you...
and more!
It gets better!
It is possible to have all these things and more....
Enjoying Life
It is easy to forget how to enjoy your life as a Sheepdog.  After all you run towards all the things normal people run away from in life. I'll get you back on track to actually living a life you enjoy
Found Yourself
You will no longer feel angry and frustrated all the time because you will find the things that you love again, the stuff that sets your soul on fire, and you'll actually do them!
Restful Sleep
One of the biggest benefits of finding true inner peace is your new found ability to relax and have restful sleep.
Intuitive sheepdog club
The new culture for Sheepdogs that will help you leave the job at the job, stress a whole lot less and enjoy your downtime with family and friends a whole lot more.
You’ll learn how to...
  • Be apart of a true Sheepdog FAMILY, that values loyalty, empathy and compassion and truly has your back... 24/7!
  • ​Stop bringing the job in to your downtime. 
  • Create a routine and mindset that will improve your ability to relax, be at peace, and cope with the stresses of the job. 
  • Enjoy time with family and friends like you did pre-job
  • ​Transform your approach to every single day
  • ​Access and accept support from those that truly get what you are going through each day
what's included
Weekly Workbooks
To guide you through the process of creating new routines, learning and integrating new tools. This is critical in creating a new routine and mindset to leave the job at the job and alleviate stress. 

Weekly Audios
Enhance the workbooks and that can be accessed while on the go from your phone. The motivation you need to make these changes in your life. 

24/7 Support
Veteran Intuitive sheepdogs are always around waiting to help another out.

Private "Family" community
A private community of fellow Sheepdogs that will literally become your new family.  You will get additional support when needed. You can talk about all things on duty and off. Nothing is off limits. A private group chat is also available to you anytime of day or night during the program for additional support.

Bonus: Meditation Tutorial 
Learn the basics of meditation and quieting your mind. Includes audios to take on the go!

Bonus: Seeing Numbers?
Guide to Angel Numbers to help you understand the number patterns that you see in your everyday life. Ever wondered why you see 111 on the clock all the time or 333? This guide will explain it all! 
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with the program and support provided after 30 days, I will offer you a no hassle refund.

Sign up today and take a full 30 days to check out the materials, community, and support provided and if you decide this isn’t for you, simply email me! 
Intuitive Sheepdog Club
Learn how to stress less and live a more joyful life… more!
Intuitive Sheepdog Club ................................(Value $997)
Weekly Workbooks ......................................... (Value $297)
Weekly Audio Trainings ................................. (Value $297)
Private Community ......................................... (Value $497)
BONUS:Meditation Tutorial and Audios .(Value $297)
BONUS: Angel Numbers eBook ..................(Value $27)
BONUS: Private Group Chat ........................(Value $297)
Total Value = ($2709)
Get started today for only $55
what sheepdogs are saying about it...
"This group is absolutely amazing! It’s like having a mini family outside of the blue line family. Everyone in here is so supportive! With the weekly talks, tips, and information it allowed for me to learn new ways to be a better version of myself. The support here is endless! Highly recommended to those outside and inside the police force! 🖤"

-officer rosegold
"It’s no secret that we need better mental wellness for first responders. And finally, FINALLY, someone as amazing as Autumn has stepped up to the plate to do it. Autumn shows you how to be more in tune with your emotions, what those emotions mean, and how to listen to your emotions for a healthier well-being. As a police wife, I can attest that this is the one place you can learn about your officers emotions and support them on their journey to better mental health. Signing up for Intuitive Sheepdog is a no-brainer!"

-rebecca - proud police wife
"This program is teaching me how to rewire my brain. I honestly (not even saying that to please you) never felt more in control of my emotions. Its like the same feeling I had when I first got to drive. It's scary but mostly fucking exciting and I can't stop thinking about the new stuff I can overcome with that healthy mind."
"This program has shown me to be more aware of myself - how I self-sabotage by talking myself down. How this is all about being honest with myself and investing time in me - this isn’t a quick fix but progressive. Loving it so far "
"I have found that comeradery that is suppose to exist in this field. The group has been instrumental in my mental health getting better. I'm forever grateful."
"I'm learning how to relax and how to not get in my own way. Over time it's amazing to see how negative you can be towards yourself. But I'm learning to turn that around, trust in myself and my abilities."
"This program has been awesome for me. The skills given so far have helped me relax after work. I am still working on keep the negative thoughts out. This past week has been great, I am now carrying Hematite and Black Tourmaline. I am excited for what’s to come!"
Sheepdogs from all around the world are reporting that they haven’t felt this good in years. 

Some members have left their departments and found better suited agencies for themselves. 

Some have applied for federal agencies.

Members are achieving their dreams. Some are developing their own businesses, stepping out and speaking to the public and writing books!

Young sheepdogs are joining to help them become police officers… and with the help of this program they are landing jobs. 

Members are working with their spouses and find themselves less miserable in their relationships. 

Members report feeling less stressed and more able to deal with the stresses of the job and life. 

Their mindset has changed completely and they now notice when they are being negative and how to stop it.

Overall the consensus is that they have found the brother and sisterhood they have been looking for. 

You owe it to yourself and your friends/family to jump on this today and end the stress, frustration, and dread that you have each day. 

Don't go through another day without the support and tools you need!  

Outline of Your Next Several Months:

  • Month 1: Intro to your new life
  • Month 2: Discover the Human Beneath the Badge
  • Month 3: BOLO for Your Own Bullshit
  • Month 4: The New You
  • ​Month 5: How to Play With the Universe 
  • ​Month 6:  Gut Check
  • ​Month 7:  You're Never Truly Alone... Meet Your Angels
  • ​Month 8: 10-8 Feeling Great 
Intuitive Sheepdog Club
Learn how to stress less and live a more joyful life… more!
Intuitive Sheepdog Club ................................(Value $997)
Weekly Workbooks ......................................... (Value $297)
Weekly Audio Trainings ................................. (Value $297)
Private Community ......................................... (Value $497)
BONUS:Meditation Tutorial and Audios .(Value $297)
BONUS: Angel Numbers eBook ..................(Value $27)
BONUS: Private Group Chat ........................(Value $297)
Total Value = ($2709)
Get started today for $55!
frequently asked questions
Who Can Join the Intuitive Sheepdog Club?
All military (past and present), first responders, police officers, dispatchers, correctional officers, future sheepdogs and spouses too! If you consider yourself a Sheepdog and are pro law enforcement you can join us! It has been deemed very effective for spouses to go through this program as well. 
How much time is required?

As much or as little time as you want to put into this. It is self paced although every week there will be new content emailed to you.
Will you be releasing more in the future?

Yes but I will not be live like I am right now. You have direct access to me as I am monitoring the groups closely and is actively mentoring Sheepdogs in them. Moving forward this will become a do it yourself program.
How fast can I expect to see results?

Within the first week of actually putting work in you can expect to feel differently. You will feel supported, a little less stressed and have a place you can go where you can safely express how you feel. 
Is everything available immediately?

Yes, when you sign up you get immediate access to all private groups, one on Instagram and another on a different platform completely. You will also receive an email with access to content within the membership site.
Are you ready to be able to come home and truly have downtime with your friends and family? 

This is an investment in your health and your future - you will thank yourself and so will your friends and family. 
Intuitive Sheepdog Club
Learn how to stress less and live a more joyful life… more!
Intuitive Sheepdog Club ................................(Value $997)
Weekly Workbooks ......................................... (Value $297)
Weekly Audio Trainings ................................. (Value $297)
Private Community ......................................... (Value $497)
BONUS:Meditation Tutorial and Audios .(Value $297)
BONUS: Angel Numbers eBook ..................(Value $27)
BONUS: Private Group Chat ........................(Value $297)
Total Value = ($2709)
Get started today for only $55
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